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Khuzestan Province is located in the southwest of Iran, bordering Iraq and Persian Gulf. Its capital is Ahvaz and it covers an area of 63,238 km2.

Large and permanent rivers flow over the entire territory contributing to the fertility of the land. The area is irrigated by the Karoun, Karkheh, Jarahi and Maroun rivers. Khuzestan has great potential for agricultural expansion, which is almost unrivaled by the country's other provinces. Karun is Iran's most effluent river, 850 kilometers long, flows into the Persian Gulf through this province. Karun river is the only navigable river in Iran.

The abundance of water and fertility of soil has transformed this region into a rich and well-endowed land. The variety of agricultural products such as wheatbarley, oily seeds, rice, medicinal herbs; the existence of many palm and citrus farms; having mountains suitable for raising olives, and of course sugar cane all show the great potential of this fertile plain.

Khuzestan is the major oil-producing region of Iran, and as such is one of the wealthiest provinces in Iran. For instance, Khuzestan is producing about 80 percent of all crude oil and 16 percent of natural gas produced in Iran.

Petrochemical Special Economic Zone (PETZONE) is located in Khuzestan, at the Persian Gulf shore, within the boundaries of Mahshahr, a district of Bandar-e- Imam Khomeini (BIK) PETZONE covers an area of 2600 hectares.

The petrochemical and steel industries, pipe making, the power stations that feed the national electricity grid, the chemical plants, and the large refineries are some of Iran's major industrial facilities. Khuzestan ranks second among Iran's provinces in GDP.

Khuzestan is also home to the Arvand Free Trade Zone. It is one of seven economic Free Trade Zones in Iran. Tourism, fishery industries and access to trans-boundary waters are other features in this area.


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